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Children’s Hospital of Georgia celebrates 20 years

At Children’s Hospital of Georgia, it’s all about the kids. As the premier children’s hospital in the region, Children’s Hospital of Georgia has a renowned team of pediatricians, surgeons and specialists who have offered children the absolute highest level of care and leading-edge treatment options since opening its doors in 1998.

“We’re a full-service center,” said Dr. Charles Howell, surgeon in chief at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. “The level of care and the sophistication of care from 20 years ago until now is unbelievable.”

“Back then we were doing all procedures with an incision,” Howell recalled. “Now we’re doing almost everything laparoscopically, thoracoscopically or with lasers.”

“In the direct care of [its] patients, Children’s has incorporated the technological advances that improve the safe delivery of care,” said Dr. Valera Hudson, pediatrician in chief at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. From management and distribution of medications, to identifying and tracking of patients, to the use of electronic medical records, the advances in technology continue to allow the Children’s team to provide the highest quality of care.

With clinics throughout the state, Children’s has become a resource for all of Georgia. “We have trained pediatricians all over the state,” said Howell. With five campuses and numerous contacts, Children’s footprint reaches the entire state.

“When there are extremely difficult cases, the CSRA and the Southeast will call the Children’s Hospital, because they know we have the expertise to care for these children,” said Dr. Robyn Hatley, pediatric thoracic and general surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Children’s has “all the specialties and subspecialties in one place.”

“No matter what your hospital preference is, if you’re severely injured and you’re a child, you’re going to come here,” said Howell.

Children’s has undergone several changes over the years and continues to grow. “From day one until now, we have continued to change and evolve to what we are now, and we’re still not there,” said Howell. “Every day we see things that we can make better.”

Since opening its doors December 8, 1998, more than 1.8 million children have come through its clinics.

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Children's Hospital of Georgia

Children’s Hospital of Georgia is the only facility in the area dedicated exclusively to children. It staffs the largest team of pediatric specialists in the region who deliver out- and in- patient care for everything from common childhood illnesses to life-threatening conditions like heart disorders, cancer and neurological diseases.