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Mom’s Corner: Raising Twins

Twins are such a joy. It’s not hard but can be difficult.

From newborn to 12 months

When expecting twins, they’re normally born early. I delivered my girls at 28 weeks. They weighed 3 pounds each and had to stay in the NICU until they reached a certain weight before they could go home. My daughters were on heart monitors for a few months as well. I learned very quickly to sleep while they slept so I wouldn’t be so tired.


For the first few months, I would lay them each on my inner thigh and bottle feed them while looking down at them. As they got older I would prop their bottle up on a pillow and position them so they could nurse it. Riding along in the car you can prop the bottle on a blanket as well for nursing. Having a plan and schedule in place will help you out a lot with your babies.


Twins are “emotionally in sync “which means when one cries, most of the time the other baby will too.

Buying Two of Everything

Yes! You pretty much have to buy two of everything!! I had so much stuff until recently I gave it to a mom in need.

Daycare and School

My daughters are fraternal twins age 10 now. They have never been in the same class except for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Thankfully they have the same homework which makes things easier in that area.

Getting Sick

Most of the time when one gets sick, not long before the other one will too.

Personalities and Bond

Their personalities are very different but great! Even though they fuss and argue just about every day they share an unbreakable bond. They love and look out for one another!! It’s important that I spend one on one time with both of them.

Life Balance and Work

As being a mom of twins and as a working mother, you have to get a sitter from time to time so you and dad can have a break. Remember twins are not Double Trouble but Double Blessings!!

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