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Celebrating the Holidays from Afar

Family talking with friends virtually for the holidays

During the era of COVID-19, many families are spending unwanted time apart. And for some, the holiday season is no exception to the rule. This reality can be tough on kids who crave time with friends and relatives they have not seen for several months. However, whether finances, health or travel restrictions are causing your family to feel isolated, you can still find ways to enjoy each other’s company.

Embrace Technology

Traditionally, spending too much time playing games on a computer or watching football on the television are obstacles to family togetherness during the holidays. But technology can also help families separated by distance enjoy one another’s company.

For example, video calls offer alternate ways to share a meal with your loved ones. Begin by meal planning and trading favorite recipes via email or over the phone. Then let your kids be part of the process as you make and share videos of your crew preparing different dishes. You can also set up your computer on the counter so you can cook with far away family in real time using video calls. And while it is not typical to have a computer acting as a seat filler at your dinner table, it can offer an option for your family to enjoy a meal with a loved one who is unable to come to your home.

Visit with Caution

If you have friends and relatives in town who you would like to visit but do not want to put at risk, such as older adults or those living with conditions that put them at risk for serious illness from COVID-19, think outside of the box about ways that you can connect. You may prepare a meal for them and leave it in a beautiful holiday box on the front porch. You can also set up a blanket in your loved ones’ front yard and wave at them through a window as you open gifts together. You can even have conversations through an open window as long as you are at least 6 feet apart or read holiday stories together at a safe distance. While it is not ideal, ensuring that everyone stays healthy and happy will make the holidays truly special.

If you’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with the virus, call 706-721-1852 to schedule a test.

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