Beat the boredom: Indoor activities for kids

Beat the boredom: Indoor activities for kids

Winter break can be a time of relaxation and reset for parents and their kids, but it can also be a time of chaos and cabin fever. With the risk of the cold winter weather, or even rainy days, you can’t always retreat outside to burn off the abundance of energy these youngsters seem to have. If you are taking a staycation with the kids this holiday, here are some indoor activities to keep them active and entertained:

Card games, board games or even DIY games you create at home are always great options. While older kids might like a game of Monopoly or Candy Land, toddlers may enjoy sorting or matching games. Feel free to use anything you have around the house. Remember to be creative, but keep it simple. Try to put a spin on standard favorites such as hopscotch with bubble wrap or a silly bean bag toss game.

Indoor scavenger hunts
A great way for kids of all ages to not only play, but also learn, scavenger hunts are an excellent solution. The possibilities are endless, and there are a number of outstanding “hunts” you can find online. Most include taking specific items, hiding them throughout the house, and creating a corresponding map or checklist. Kids can then search for the items by matching colors or searching for puzzle pieces to put together. Or for older kids, try a word scavenger hunt and/or spelling activity.

Arts & Crafts
The thought of letting your kid loose with glue or glitter might make you cringe, but kids love the chance to be creative and make something on their own. Try a new recipe for edible play-doh or make your own snow using baking soda and shaving cream. You can even build your own indoor city with painters tape for streets and Lego or building blocks. Keep your kids’ art cabinet stocked with paint, collage materials and stickers and encourage “open” art projects, letting their minds roam free.

Keep them active
Got couch potatoes on your hands? Get them up and moving with active games like Twister or charades. Foster imaginary play and go on a pretend bear hunt or jump from pillow to pillow over pretend lava on the floor. You could even create an indoor bowling set or a fun indoor obstacle course. Bring small outdoor toys that keep kids active inside such as small slides, jump ropes or hula hoops.

Easy Indoor Snow Recipe

  • 1 can of shaving cream (regular size, original scent)
  • 1 box of baking soda

Simply mix both around until you get the consistency you want. The more baking soda you use, the thicker it will be (for snowballs or snowmen).

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