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Back-to-school recipes: From breakfast to dinner

Most parents can tell you, the key to a successful Back to School season is preparation. We collected our favorite prep-and-go recipes to make day go by a little easier and yummier. 😋

Prep-and-Go! Oat & Berry breakfast bars

Breakfast: Oat & berry breakfast bars. The secret ingredient here is the avocado. It adds a creamy texture to the berries and tons of nutritional value.

Pocket-sized chicken pies

Lunch: Chicken hand pies. These hand pies are customizable for picky eaters. Make a variety of different types a head of time for a lunchbox friendly entree. Plus, they’re great for dipping in sauces.

After-school peanut butter and apple wheels

After school snack: Apple and peanut butter wheels. Three ingredient minimum make these after school snacks a breeze. Cut the apples a head of time but store the pieces together with a rubber band to keep from browning.

Sweet potato chips: One healthy base, so many flavors

Dinner: Sweet potato nachos. Slice and bake the sweet potatoes a head of time. Then when dinner time comes, top and put back in the oven. You’ll earn a dinner gold star if you have ready and waiting chili to top them off, too.

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