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2020 Census Facts

2020 Census Facts

Census 2020 is coming up soon! Make sure you, your neighbor, and your community are prepared to fill out your forms come census day on April 1, 2020. The effects from the results of the census will be felt by every person living in the United States for the next 10 years! Your voice needs to be heard to ensure Georgia receives the proper federal funding for programs impacting health care, education, infrastructure, and so much more! The census will also impact your political representation on both the state and federal level for 10 years.

Everyone will start receiving information about how to do the census by mail in mid-March. You can complete the census starting immediately by logging online, or by calling the phone line. You must wait until mid-April if you wish to receive a paper form. The Census is available in 13 languages and is safe, secure, and private! Starting in May, if you have not yet completed your form a census worker may come to your home to help you complete your census.

The 2020 Census determines the federal funding each state receives for programs essential to our communities like Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, Head Start, SNAP & WIC, Special Education, Pell Grant subsidies, Affordable Housing, and SO much more. We need to ensure that Georgia gets an accurate count of all people no matter their age, ethnicity, income-level, or where they live so we can receive the proper federal funding for the programs our communities rely on.

The census also tells the government where people live to determine political representation, what businesses should develop where, and what services are needed where (like locations for hospitals). It may be intimidating to provide the government the answers to the 10 questions on the form, but it is important to know that your information is safe and secure. However you choose to complete your form (online, over the phone, on paper, or with a census worker) it is important that you get counted!

Information provided by the Georgia Family Connections Partnership.

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