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Surgery During a Pandemic

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Is It Safe for My Child to Have Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The short answer is yes. While it’s only natural to have extra fears and concerns when your child needs health care during a global pandemic, it’s important to continue following doctors’ guidance in obtaining necessary care.

At Children’s Hospital of Georgia, you can rest assured that we will take every precaution to keep your child and your family safe during this time. We have developed protocols and follow established medical practice for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Why Some Procedures Were Originally Paused

If you’ve been watching the news the last few months as the pandemic unfolded, you probably know that many elective medical procedures were temporarily paused.

That was done in order to lessen the number of people within medical facilities at any given time and to allow medical providers to focus their attention fully on diagnosing and treating COVID-19.

In the months to follow, though, surgical procedures and other medical care have resumed as our country’s health care system has become less stressed and we’ve gotten a greater handle on the spread of the coronavirus.

The Importance of Getting Recommended Care

As surgical procedures resume, you may wonder whether it’s the best idea to proceed with surgery for your child. The first consideration is whether the procedure is elective or if it’s more urgent to correct a health issue.

Your child’s doctor can advise on the urgency of the surgical procedure and help you make an educated decision. But in general, it’s OK — and actually recommended — to go ahead and have the medical care and services your child’s doctor prescribes during this time.

Between the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020 and now, much has been learned about the coronavirus and its transmission. Safety protocols have been implemented that help greatly reduce the threat of transmission, particularly in a hospital setting.

The pros of moving forward with a surgical procedure — or even with routine medical checkups and immunizations — far outweigh the cons. There is a very real risk of harm in situations where children do not receive the recommended or age-appropriate care they need.

Rest assured that when your child’s provider recommends a surgical procedure, your child’s health and well-being are our top priority.

Whether your child needs a surgical procedure or basic medical care, the team of experts at Children’s Hospital of Georgia is here to help. Call 706-721-KIDS (5437) to learn more.

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